Turning Ideas Into Income TM

Infomercials are making people rich. 


A simple idea, properly turned into a infomercial product that is known for being "As Seen On TV", can generate tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars through effective marketing on TV, Radio, through Social Media and the Internet, in catalogs and on home shopping channels and finally, at retail.


Unfortunately for the inventor or product owner, the Infomercial business can be very confusing and expensive mistakes are easy to make.  One bad decision can kill your chance of success.


INFOMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT specializes in helping product owners package, present and sell their products in the complicated world of direct response marketing.  From initial product development to creation of a marketing plan to arranging international distribution, for over 28 years we have helped to build some of the most successful Infomercial projects of all time.


When you allow the experts at INFOMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT help you develop your product and plan your direct response marketing campaign, you greatly improve the odds of your success; and we appreciate the opportunity to help inventors and product owners create successful marketing campaigns.  

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